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Both WordPress and WIX are good website builders but the differences are clear. There is no “one size fits all” response to this question of WordPress vs WIX. Depending on your preference, intended use, technical ability and the comparisons listed below, you can successfully choose the website builder best suited to your needs.

  • Flexibility:- WordPress has better flexibility in terms of features. Wix has great features also but WordPress edges it out in this department. WordPress is an open source platform essentially meaning that it’s codes are open to everybody to use and modify according to preference. Any programmer or coder can create unique themes or plugins for others to download for free or at purchased at a cost. WordPress community continues to grow because of this flexibility, currently it has over 60 million websites and powers a quarter of the websites on the internet. This extensive community of users continue to grow. This could be disadvantageous, as lots of programmers continue to dish out modified products, quality control becomes impossible. Wix on the other hand is not an open source platform, it does not allow programmers or coders to modify existing themes to create their own plugins or themes. This means only their private developers can produce website building tools, therefore reduces the chances of buggy or mediocre tools. The primary concern with WordPress is that when you have issues with buggy tools built by mediocre developers, you do not have a central location to lodge a complaint or solicit for assistance. The developer might not help you especially if the plugin was downloaded at no cost. Using poor website building tools could adversely affect your website performance. Wix ensures all website building tools are tested and controlled, providing central support systems that ensure users queries and concerns are rectified as soon as reported.
  • User friendliness:- WordPress is very flexible and this increase in flexibility in turn leads to increase in complexity. If you are not a skilled developer you will not be able to modify WordPress codes. You will require the services of a skilled WordPress developer at a costly price. Customization is restricted on WIX, making it an easy website to use for non-developers. What you see is what you get with WIX unlike WordPress which requires you to preview your content to see the live result. WordPress is more powerful but not so easy to use for non-developers and beginners while WIX was designed for all level website builders even those who do not possess technical skill such as coding. WIX has a gentle learning curve and often equipped with modern designs.
  • User Support:-There are numerous support forums for WordPress but they lack organization therefore getting a timely and consistent response could be difficult. This makes it difficult to find relevant help.Hiring a WordPress developer is an option when stuck but it is costly and often finding the right developer takes time. WIX is equipped with a dedicated staff to answer questions posted on their forum, via phone call or email . Also there are a library of tutorials available for users who require help.
  • Maintenance:- From a maintenance perspective, WordPress is always updating its site to improve security and fix bugs. When this update occurs, usually a few times annually, you will need to update your site. If you do not update your theme or plugins, the performance of your website could be adversely affected. With WIX, all maintenance is all is managed and updated for you. This is extremely beneficial for small work teams without a dedicated website or IT support team.
  • Pricing:- WordPress is open source with numerous free plugins and themes to choose from. The cost of WordPress will increase if you decide to purchase premium plugins. WIX offers a basic website builder for free but the downside is the advertisement banners displayed at the top and bottom of your page. The basic version does not offer many add-ons such as ecommerce and Google Analytics. To remove the ads and get additional features, you will need to upgrade to premium plans.
  • Blogging purposes:- Both WordPress and WIX can be used for blogging purposes. WIX allows you to easily add a blogging section to your website featuring all the basic blogging tools commonly used e.g. categories and tags, photos and videos, archives e.t.c. However it does features a comment system like Facebook which are not portable. It lacks features such as backdating posts, creating private posts and features images. WordPress started out initially as a blogging platform before metamorphosing into a website builder. Blogging is its original niche. It has  all the blogging features like native commenting system and all other advanced features that WIX lacks.

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