When you first login to your WordPress website, you will see a notification which says “WordPress 5.0 is available please update.

Note :- If you’re running WordPress on a production website, I recommend you not update to WordPress 5.0   now because there might be an issues that could cause your website not to work. Until you sure that everything is working okay, it better you give it a little bit of time before you go for the update.

Here are the some feature Of the New WordPress 5.0

  • Text Editor: – Comparing the previous version of WordPress to the new version of WordPress, you will see that there is a change in the text editor. In the old WordPress, whenever you want to add a new post you will notices that you have a basic area to add your text {a simple editor} but in the new version of the WordPress the text editor is a block-based editor which may it easier to locate and to work it.

  • In the new WordPress, you can easily a new attachment by clicking on the + button on the Block.

  • Adding Image: – It takes a lot of steps in adding a new image in the old WordPress while it takes a little step in the new version

  • Image Editor:- It is quite difficult to edit image in the old WordPress  because ,it has a few options to edit image  but in the new WordPress,  it is more easier and quicker because it has a lot of options to edit image and also you can navigate to your right to edit the size, link the image to a URL or to a media file and also if you click on add image CSS  for those of you confitable with CSS, you can add yours. The new WordPress also has image setting which allows you to set the size of the image you add.

  • The new WordPress also has featured image.

  • Comment Setting: – You decide whether you want comment for your post or not with the new WordPress

  • Page Attributes: – With the new WordPress, you can make a page a parent page or order.

  • Publish A post: – On the top right side of your page in the text editor, that’s where you will see the publish button. This helps you to publish your post and also set it either to immediately, pending or deleted it by moving it to trash.

  • Column: – The new WordPress allow you to add a column layout in the text editor which is impossible in the previous version unless you add CSS or PHP to achieve this new feature.

  • Embedding: – In the new WordPress 5.0, you can embed your files from YouTube, Spotify, Twitter and so on

  • New Theme {Twenty Nineteen Theme}: – The new WordPress 5.0 also includes the new minimal Twenty Nineteen theme. It is shipping with full Gutenberg support, both on the front and back-end

What are your own experiences about the new WordPress?


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