How To Turn Your WordPress Site Into An Android/iOS App.


 Make people find it so hard to visit a website but find it easy to log on to a web-based app.

Today, I will be showing you on how to turn your WordPress site into an Android/ iOS app.

Note: – Make sure you do your WordPress backup before you do this.

The first thing you to do is to log in to your WordPress admin page. Next, click on Dashboard.

Then, navigate to plugins and add a new plugin.

 Type “WordApp” into the search pages.

It will shows up the query.

Then, Install the “WordApp Mobile App Plugin” and activate it.

Now stroll down a little bit and you would see the new installed “WordApp Mobile App Plugin” 

Select and stroll down to “Get Started now”.

It takes you to the App design and also show you the App preview on the right side of your page.

App Design


This is where you set your AppTool bar color

App Configuration.

This is where your App Name, Logo and App is located.

App Homepage Background

You can change your AppBackground here.

Content Style.

You will see your App theme, Post list style, Opening page.

Menu & Bars

This where you decide the type of slide menu, Top Menu and Button Navigation you want


This where you add slide image to your App.

App Structure

This is the most important option.It is where you will upload App Icon, App Splash (The images that will come up whenever you open your app ), App Structure, App Meta( Where you will add the description, Key note and your App category)

After putting all the settings in place, Then click on Publish App.

It will ask for the email to receive the App, fill in your Email and submit.

Click on the link sent to and download your WordPress App to your Android mobile.

Note: – You have to upgrade to Pro Version for you to be to download it on iOS mobile.

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