How To Install WordPress.


Installing WordPress it very easy, you don’t have to be a web designer or a programmer, all what you need it to follow the process below.

Before doing into that, you will need the following software {PHP, MySQL, Apache} for Window and Mac operating system.

For Window operating system, you can get the above software by downloading one of the following software below;

1. Xampp.

Click to download.

2. Wamp.

Click to download.

For Mac operating system, you can get the above software by downloading Wamp. You can visit  to get it.

Once you download the software, you are good to go. Just follow the process.

I will be using xampp for this tutorial.

  • Open your xampp app, Once you open it this is what you will see.
  • Start The Apache And MySQL button.
  • Goto your browser and enter “localhost/phpmyadmin”
  • Create a database with any name of your choice.
  • Then click on create.

 After that, extract the file labelled “wordpress” into “C:\xampp\htdocs”.

After that, open the folder “wordpress” and navigate to wp-cofig-sample.php.

  • Open the file with any text editor {I preferred Notepad}. Search for the Database, Username, password and update them with any name of your choice.

Then, save the file and rename it as “wp-config.php”

The page will redirect you to the login page. Enter the username and password you used when editing the wp-config.php file.

  • You are welcome to WordPress.


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