How to disable comments on WordPress


Comments are the difference between a monologue discussion and a conversation. It enables you to build a community as different users interact and share ideas. A post without comments seems incomplete and websites often encourage users to drop their thoughts in the comment section.

Why would one want to disable comments? It can be self promotional, spammy and often to moderate the comments requires a lot of time and energy.

Below are the Steps you can take to Disable Comments on your WordPress;

To Stop Comment On All Future Posts

Steps to follow:

  • Log on to your WordPress Admin page
  • Click on Settings, Select Discussion.

  • Then, uncheck the “allow people to post comments on articles”. This will stop comments entirely on future posts.

To Stop Comment On All Published Posts

By disallowing comments as aforementioned would not disable comments flowing in on existing posts and pages.

To do this, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Click on Comment menu on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Bulk Actions to select all the comments you want to bin.
  • Then, Click Move to trash and selectApply button to execute.

To Stop Comment On Selected Posts In Bulk

Steps to follow;

  • Click on All Posts section.
  • Select all the posts you wish to thrash all the comments.
  • Then click on Bulk Actions, Select Bulk Edit.
  • Quickly Click on Apply. A new option Bulk Edit will emerge, you can then select “Do Not Allow option for comments.”

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