How To Add A Contact Form To Your WordPress Website


Some people might be wondering why do I need a contact form? Can’t I just add my email address on my website, so people can reach me through that?

Adding a CONTACT FORM to your WordPress website will;

  • Protect you from spam message- Spam bots regularly scrape websites for the mailto: email address tag. When you post your email address on the website, you will start to receive a lot of spam emails. On the other hand, when you use a contact form, you can get rid of almost all spam emails.
  • Make user gives compatible Information- At times, when people send message through email, people don’t always send you all the information that you need. With a contact form, you can tell the user exactly what information you’re looking for (such as their phone number, budget, etc.).
  • Save your Times- Contact forms help you save time in more ways than you can imagine. Aside from consistent information that we mentioned above, you can also use form confirmations to tell the user what are the next steps. Such as watch a video or wait up to 24 hours to get a response, so they don’t send you multiple inquires

To Build A WordPress Contact Form, follow the leads below

  • Choosing the Best Contact Form Plugin

The first thing you need to do is choose a WordPress contact form plugin.

Although, we have several free and paid WordPress contact form plugins. But with WPForms contact plugin, you can easily add a contact form to your WordPress website whether you’re a beginner or a pro because WPForms is beginner friendly, 100% free and it has a pro version for the pro

Installing and Activating WPForums Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress admin page. Go to Plugins, Click on Add New. Then, search for WPForms
  • Click on the Install Now button.

After the plugin is installed, make sure you activate the plugin.

Creating a Contact Form in WordPress

Now that you have activated WPForms, you are ready to create a contact form in WordPress.

  • In your WordPress dashboard, click on the WPForms menu and go to Add New.

This will open the WPForms drag & drop form builder. Start by giving your contact form a name and then select your contact form template.

WPForms Lite only comes with two pre-built form templates (Blank or Simple Contact Form). But you can use these two to create just about any type of contact form you like.

For the sake of this example, we will go ahead and select Simple Contact Form. It will add the Name, Email, and Message fields.

  • You can click on the field to edit them. You can also use your mouse to drag & drop the field order.
  • If you want to add new field, simply select from the available fields on the left.

When you’re done click on the Save button.

Configuring Form Notification and Confirmations

Now that you have created your contact form, it’s important that you configure properly.

Form Confirmation- Is what your website visitor sees after they submit the form. It could be a thank you or a redirect message.

Form Notification- Is the email you get after someone submits the contact form on your WordPress site.

You can customize both the form confirmation and form notification by going to the Settings tab inside the WPForms form builder.

“Thank You message” is what we usually leave as default on the confirmation forum. However, you can change it to redirect to a specific page if you like.

The best part about WPForms is that the default settings are ideal for beginners. When you go the notification settings, all fields will be pre-filled dynamically.

The notifications by default are sent to the Admin Email that you have setup on your site. If you want to send it to a custom email address, then you can change that. If you want to send the notification to multiple emails, then just separate each email address by comma.

The email subject is pre-fileld with your form name. The from name field is automatically populated with your user’s name. When you reply to the inquiry, it will go to the email that your user filled in the contact form.

Adding WordPress Contact Form in a Page

Now that you are done configuring your WordPress contact form, it’s time to embed it in a page.

The first thing you need to do is either you create a new page in WordPress or edit an existing page where you want to add the contact form.

We will be using the WordPress contact form shortcode to add the form in a page. Simply click on the Add Form button at the top and select the form you want to add.

A contact form shortcode will be added in your page content. Now go ahead and save your page to preview it.

Congratulations, you have successfully added Contact Form to your WordPress site

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