5 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress


Backups plugins are necessary for every WordPress in the universe.

Backups are one of the most essential parts of running a blog. It’s an indemnity for your passion and work you do day-in day-out and you should more concerned about integrating a backup plugin that produces copy of your WordPress files and database.

WordPress backup plugin program helps you to keep your WordPress data secured.

This type of program works by keeping a review of your data throughout. But which option is right for you?

We looked at 5 best WordPress backup plugins for your needs.

1. UpdraftPlus: – This is one of the best WordPress backup plugins on WordPress. It has been rated as the most famous backup solution for WordPress, with over a million active installs.

It has a free and paid version.

Even with the free version of the plugin, you can easily restore your files, and you can do it with minimal technical knowledge, setup full, manual, or scheduled backups of all your website files including your database, plugins, and themes.

The free version is also packed with all the essential features, you can easily enhance the core functionalities with their premium version.

It supports multiple cloud storage options including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3 which may it the hallmark among plugins.

visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/ to download.

2. BackWPUp:- It helps you to get your content backed up to Dropbox or FTP server. BackWPUp also works with email logs and can check and repair any database files you are using.

Backups on BackWPUp can be supported with WordPress XML export features. This helps to get an entire feed on WordPress analyzed at once.

This also works with all other plugins on your site. And also comes with an immersive control screen. The screen helps you to adjust everything on your website to your satisfaction. BackWPUp ensure that everything is appropriately managed and secured quickly.

Visit https://backwpup.com/ to download.

3. VaultPress:- Which this backup plugin, you get automatic backups, premium support, and real-time cloud backup solution starting at $3.50 a month for a single site.

Some of its best features:

  • Onclick restore on any location
  • Inbuilt security scanner
  • Central dashboard
  • Daily backups
  • Real-time backups
  • Multisite backup support

You can enter FTP or SSH information, and VaultPress will automatically restore any backup to your site easily. It also scans your site daily and sends an email if there are any potential threats found on your site. You will have to purchase a jetpack professional plan in order to use VaultPress. (It’s expensive for multiple websites)

Visit https://vaultpress.com/ to download.

4. BackupWordpress:- It is a free to use a backup plugin that allows you store all your media files and database content with also scheduled backup options to boot.

 It also offers even more flexibility with its features by giving the power of creating different schedules for media content and database content.

To gain an access direct cloud storage using BackupWordpress, you will have to purchase the premium extension.

Visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/backupwordpress/ to download.

5.  Snapshot Pro: – At times, you get really good stuff outside the official WordPress repository. When it comes to backups, then this WordPress backup plugin from WPMU DEV is perhaps the best in the industry. Snapshot Pro creates manual and automatic full-site copies to both local and cloud servers. This helps when you test under control conditions on your websites.

The local backups allow you to undo a change quickly while you do not have to fear any data loss as a copy is simultaneously being stored on WPMU DEV Hub, a cloud-based off-site storage. For now, each account gets 10GB of space. You also get additional cloud storage choice. You can download copies through FTP or SFTP.

Their claim of having a Time Machine for your website is quite true. The plugin works like an efficient backup system with granular controls.

Visit https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/snapshot/ to download

But which option is right for you? I hope by know you should the answer to the question.

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