How To Detect Vulnerabilities On WordPress.


Checking for vulnerabilities is the one of the best ways of keeping your WordPress website secured from malicious files and codes that may endanger your website.

Always take an immediate action whenever you find any vulnerabilities on your website admin panel before allowing anyone (Hacker) to exploit and allegedly enter it into your website.

One of the ways to keep your WordPress website secure is to check for potentially malicious code often on your website. Whenever you find any vulnerability, you can take immediate corrective actions before allowing anyone to exploit it and allegedly enter into your WordPress admin panel.

In this post, let’s take a look on how to detect vulnerabilities in your WordPress website.

Detecting WordPress Vulnerabilities Before Installing A Theme or Plugin.

Always install free WordPress themes and plugins on the WordPress theme and plugin directory because their directory ensures the security of your WordPress theme and plugin

Below are a few methods to check the authenticity of your WordPress theme and make sure it is secure from potentially malicious codes and WordPress vulnerabilities.

Online malware checker: With this great scanning site, you can check if a theme is malicious code free. Just upload the free theme to their site for a scanning. The best thing is it will get a red signal in the case that any file is infected. If the theme is secure you can proceed with installing it on your WordPress website.

 Visit it’s absolutely free

Otherwise, you’ll have to fix it before installing. Or even better, just forget it and going for a different one altogether.

Finding WordPress vulnerabilities after theme installation

This method is for those that have already installed many themes on their WordPress 

Download An Exploit Scanner

Exploit Scanner: –   Exploit Scanner is a free plugin, which offers robust features. The best thing is that exploit scanner plugin helps you check the database of your WordPress installation besides the theme files.

This plugin will only show you the vulnerability and it is up to you to decide what preventive measures you should take in order to eradicate the WordPress vulnerability.

Download Exploit Scanner

Hackalert monitoring

It is a paid service which monitors vulnerabilities of your wordpress. Hackalert monitoring is a service offered by Siteground(website hosting)

Hackalert ensures the security of your WordPress websites by sending an email alert whenever it finds potentially malicious code. Moreover, you will be updated with a weekly email with the status of the hackalert monitoring of your website.

You can check

why Hackalert monitoring is awesome- 5 reasons.

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